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They are finding that they have been fired from, or had to leave their jobs because of not wanting to follow all the rules about face coverings and medical procedures. Even questioning the common sense of some of the company policies has led some to mysteriously 'not had their contracts renewed'.

They can no longer get along with family and friends like they used to, and differences of opinions over politics  has caused huge rifts in family relations.

Their hearts have broken over family members and friends not following their advice or listening to their facts and reasons NOT to follow the mainstream narrative about medical procedures governments are recommending.

They have discovered a new sense of spirituality that doesn't fit with the teachings from their church growing up, and this sets them apart in yet another way.

I seem to attract people like this, and they are often at a crossroads in terms of how to go forward in their lives once they have woken up, when their old ways of life simply don't fit anymore.

So this is where my background in Digital Marketing and business comes into play.

I have noticed that many people need to quickly get into a new profession or find a way to make money. They are embracing the idea of working for themselves instead of for a corporation that doesn't have their best interests at heart and whose rules trample on our individual rights and freedoms.

But they don't know how to start or if they have anything they can 'do' to make a living on their own, by starting their own businesses.

I can help. I am going to start making short videos on this topic and many how to's based on my own experience and professional background and training.

I transitioned to Digital Marketing after a very dissatisfying stint working in International Schools in China. I had always had digital marketing at the back of my mind as my next career after I left the Library world, since my master's in Librarianship had trained me so well for digital work with in depth coursework in web design, searching and creating databases, and studies in finding information online, and the psychology of information seeking behaviour of people. I have always found writing, and business writing, very easy, and have had enough jobs at administration and management levels to understand the mechanics of business and strategic planning.

With this solid background in the corporate and non-profit world in librarianship and marketing and teaching international English for years,, it's been easy for me to envision how to go about planning a business from scratch, and help others do the same.

I highly suggesting thinking of a service you can offer the world, as a great place to start. Make a list of all the things you know how to do well, and that come very easily to you, and then go through them to think of ways to turn these ideas into a viable business.

Here are my top 3 suggestions of businesses you could start up for very little, or no money.

*Compassionate listening -the courses are very economical and in 6 weeks you can finish the introduction series of courses through compassionate listening.org and start offering services as a 'listener' if it suits you. This training is an invaluable relationship skill to have even if you never want to make any money from knowing how to listen well.

I will be looking to set up a network of 'compassionate listeners' to help the world heal; I will provide the marketing and advertising and people just need to take the courses and if this resonates with you as a way to make a part time living, let me know!

*Teach your own courses- Make a course and offer it on Skillshare.com (they pay you every time someone watches one of your tutorial videos, and they pay much more than You Tube does, and require fewer followers to start making money) and other video platforms.  It may take a little while to build up a following, but after a year or two, some people are reporting earning thousands and tens of thousands each month, in passive income from people watching their videos. 

*Affiliate marketing - this is the quickest way to make money, and can be combined with the courses  I mentioned above. There are many tutorials on You Tube about this, and many misconceptions about it too. I have discovered that afflilate marketing is a word like 'salad': it can be done in a thousand different ways, as many ways as there are salads in the world. There is not 'one' way to do affiliate marketing or a 'best' way to do it either. There is just the best way for you to do it.

When done poorly, it reinforces that stereotypes of pushy salespeople trying to sell you things you don't want, and people who constantly fill their social media posts with ads and a million links to products they are promoting, usually chosen because they can earn a high commission rate, not because it's a good product. These are easy to spot (and avoid) from a mile off.

When done well, affiliate marketing is like getting a good recommendation from a friend you trust.  It helps people solve problems in a way they are grateful for, and grateful to pay you for in the form of clicking on the affiliate link you list in your video or photo description. It requires no in-depth techie knowledge other than signing up to get a link from a company you like and want to endorse, and copying and pasting the link into your social media posts or in the description under a video. It doesn't have to require a huge friends following.

Affiliate marketing is about providing useful recommendations and information to solve problems for people, posted in videos or in social media posts, and an affiliate link a company gives you for the product you chose to get an affiliate link for. If people like what you said and want the same products you used to solve that particular problem (either a product you explicitly mentioned or that they just noticed you used or wore in the photo or video), then they have the option to click the link in the photo or video description. That's it. You get a small commission if they click and it's all automatically tracked and you get paid once a month by the company for any sales made by people clicking the links you supplied. You only post links to the things you honestly love and use, so it's not snake oil selling.

People who like you and watch your videos or follow your posts or channel are usually grateful for your recommendation and advice.  Over time you can earn a decent amount, and some people have videos with screenshots of their passive affiliate income showing thousands and tens of thousands each month. It's not necessarily a quick way to make money, but a great sideline that can really add up. I learned a lot about affiliate marketing from watching and going through the free intro trainings by John Crestani https://johncrestani.com and from watching the free videos by a guy named Ali who provides a good overview of the best of all the different online passive income earning options out there,  based on his experience and that of his friends and familyt:  https://youtu.be/TH0nNn6SmXwyoutu.be/TH0nNn6SmXw

And no, I am not earning any affiliate commission from posting their links - LOL.

I am going to offer services int he future to help people in a peer mentoring group setting, so that all participants can learn from me and my experience as well as from each other, and get the support of a select group, a cohort, of people I have chosen to help start up their 5D businesses.  Please let me know if you are interested!

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{photo from Iguazu Falls, in Argentina}

In case it helps you decide to book a session with me,  here is an overview of my own awakening story to help you decide if I can relate to your own life experiences.


I first began to realize the extent that my work, and the society in my city and province in Canada, had been infiltrated by some people with dark and narcissistic agendas in 2009.

I realized this when I kept running into kinky sexual politics in the workplace, and hit a glass ceiling at work. At one point a person in a high position of power in the organization I worked for, a man who had been stalking me for a few years, called a meeting. I thought it was to be a casual business meeting since he called it a pizza party. It was anything but casual. I had been set up. All the top managers in my organization and some from the city police department had been called in for it. I hadn't realized how pervasive this kinky cult of sexual slavery was.

I was handed a printed piece of paper that was a contractual arrangement. All I had to do was sign it, which would be an agreement to give up all my human rights to him, in exchange for being added to his 401K pension plan and given a life of luxury for being his sexual slave, and the requirement to change my last name to his.  I was told this was a really good deal and I would never get a better offer. I was told he had been very patient with me and it was time for me to make a decision. I was told about the sex dungeon he had ordered to be constructed in the basement of the building where I worked (which had been recently completely renovated).  I knew it was there. I hadn't realized he built it for me specifically.

I refused.
He said he had gotten me that job (as a manager) and he could take it away.
I still refused.

My career was over.

I thought briefly about pursuing things legally, but didn't have the energy or the heart for it. I didn't want this job anyway. I hated the 9 to 5 grind  and stressful life I was living.

Being faced with such severe sexual politics in the workplace came on the heels of a recent surgery for endometriosis that had included a cancer scare, and the news that I would likely never conceive a child, led me into despair.  I decided to quit, pack up, and leave the country and take a self funded  sabbatical leave' for a year. 

One year turned into 5. First I headed down to South America to rest, recover, process recent events, and reinvent myself . I wanted to live a lifestyle I liked better than the 9 to 5 rat race, and to be free, self-supporting and sovereign. 

I lived in Argentina, Ecuador, travelled through Peru and Bolivia and settled in Chile for almost 3 years thereafter. I travelled slowly and saw a different slice of life than you will ever read about in travel guides. 
You can check out my travel blog from these years here: travel.mariannegraff.com. I loved doing photo essay style stories of my travels and adventures and vignettes of  the people I met along the way. 

I began in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I took Spanish classes and settled into the lifestyle there. To my surprise, I kept hearing Argentinians criticize and openly sneer with disdain when they heard I was from Canada, because we were not free. I had never thought about the fact that I was not 'free' because Canada is a British Commonwealth country. Our high standard of living and freedom of lifestyle was far higher and more 'free' than what I was seeing in Argentina, so I was surprised that they were so fiercely proud of being and independent country. It didn't seem very
'free' to me. They had experienced similar colonization from Europe, and suffered financial slavery through devastating inflation cycles.  The Italian and foreign influence, not to mention the enormous obelisk, colonial statues and European architecture everywhere bespoke of cultural domination to me. But their attitude did start me thinking and questioning my life in Canada and beliefs. Were we really just free range slaves like the Argentinians kept telling me?

After a few months in Argentina, I did a year of 'voluntravel', where did a few volunteering stints in Ecudaor that I paid my way to do. I stayed on the Manabi Coast trying to help a wildlife protection project, and in the cloud forest of Mindo. I took a travel writing course and toured around Cotacachi. Then at the end of that year,  I met a Chilean, fell in love with him, and we wandered back to his home town, Arica, Chile, a very ancient desert area that is more Altiplano than Peruvian, Bolivian or Chilean (its current geopolitical designation). Although that relationship didn't last the year  because I realized he was a narcissist who would never change, as well as a secret cocaine addict who became abusive, I never regretted this chapter in my life. I liked Arica. I felt drawn there, to the energy there. I felt like I was doing work on some high spiritual plane, to do with ley lines.  Somehow my relocation to Chile served the purpose of getting me back on the timeline and track I was supposed to be on. I felt it on a soul level although I still didn't really know what my main purpose  in life was.

Everywhere I went in South America, and especially in Chile, I saw and heard people talking with both love and hate for the US and Canada. I saw first hand the effects of unfair and callous international politics that exacerbated the very problems they were supposed to erradicate. I saw so much corruption and crime. So many non-profit scams. The NGOs I had thought were doing much good in the world really weren't doing much good at all. So many people toiling hard in manual labour jobs each day and still living in utter poverty, not much better off than those that lazed about living off a few hours of fishing each day, or barely successful businesses.  I also saw proud indigenous tribes who were sovereign and living in more traditional ways without NGO help that were very spiritual and thriving. The disparity between the 'halves' and 'have nots' , between the 'spiritually aware' and the 'spiritually bankrupt' and between honest and morally corrupt people was huge and ever present.

In 2010 I felt my destiny take a firm turn.  This happened one morning after it seemed like it had rained in Arica, Chile. This was a big deal since this was a place with no recorded rain in 10,000 years!  It might have been morning dew, but even that was unheard of. I had felt a huge energy shift towards a lighter and happier energy in the land that morning.  And with this sense of peace and completion, 
I had the feeling that my work there was done, and my presence there was no longer required. Instead I  was drawn like a magnet to Valparaiso, also in Chile, and I went there in a month's time.

Much happened during the next two years. Looking back it all seems like fate. I won't write about that now, but just give a quick summary. Basically, I met my twin flame,  fell in love, or rather, what I thought was love, and played out a soul contract of disastrous consequences. But that's a story for another time.

What is significant for this story is to note that while in Valparaiso I smashed headlong into a satanic cult, and that is was a darker version of  the same kinky 'alternative' cult lifestyle I had bumped into in Canada and that caused the glass ceiling and had wreaked havoc on my career . I had not realized that so many people in the world lived voluntarily (or so they said) in sexual slavery situations, and that many of them worshipped the dark occult and did black magic, nor that many of these worshippers were in high positions of authority in society in Chile. I discovered that illuminati families and bloodlines did indeed exist and were taken very seriously in certain circles, and that they had negative agendas that were not in the best interests of humankind. And I also discovered that 'ascension' was real, and the power of Angels and the forces of 100% light.

I lived in Valparaiso for about 3 years and a strange thing related directly to my awakening is that I kept hearing people talking as if Nazism had not died out after the second world war as I had thought. There was an older generation that I met while working for a language and cultural institute there (they were on the Board) that still strongly supported Pinochet, whom I thought the whole world agreed was a murderer and evil totalitarian dictator.  An alarming number of people I met on trains or at parties, younger people, not just the older generation, would ask me who I thought won the second world war, and they would chuckle when I said 'the West' or 'the Allied forces of course'. They would inevitably drop comments that made me rethink this answer, such as 'Really? How do you know for sure?" And a number of people asked me if I really knew what happened at the end of WW2, asking me questions like 'Ever heard of Admiral Byrd and what happened during the last battle in Antarctica?"  (I hadn't). 'Ever heard of Project Paperclip? Project Mockingbird? Project Blue Book? ( I hadn't). Ever looking into who set up the CIA? (No, as a Canadian, I hadn't thought it applied to me).  Had I heard about underground ET bases? (No, but I had heard many people in Valparaiso mention that there was one, out under the sea, and they had even pointed out a building that seemed out of place architecturally, like something straight out of the novel 1984, as one entrance to it).

 It was suggested that an alternative version of history existed. That everything I had been taught in my life was a lie, a cover, a distraction from this truth. 

I learned the most from a number of conversations with two different members of two different illuminati families. I was told that they ( members of the illuminati and cabal groups, AKA the  rich global elite and alliances with negative reptilian Dracos and other negative ETs ) were planning a huge pandemic and world shut down in 2020. I was told that a virus would be released on the world that wouldn't actually kill that many people, but that would pave the way for a vaccine injection that would serve the plan to depopulate the world. The elite had underground bases and wouldn't be around for the devastation that followed.  I was shown a drawing of the Covid 19 virus way back in 2010. I was told that they had been developing it for years, and that there were many strains ready to be released, Covid 17 to 30.  I was told that the world takeover was a multilayered multi-staged plan and that the pandemic was just the beginning of it. I was told that they had been planning this for generations, and putting their people in positions of power around the world for decades in order to carry it out. And I was told they had many plan A,B,C and D's to cover all case scenarios and ensure their ultimate success.

I heard from them the strategies to use the main stream media and entertainment industry to manipulate people: truth, truth, truth, lie (manipulated facts to sway the people and twist the truth around to their agenda). Intentional brainwashing. That is was called TV 'programming' for a reason. 

A New World Order was to be rolled out in 2020.  It had to happen them because of the astrological shifts in the planet and solar system as it entered an ascension cycle. The dark alliances were going to derail this ascension plan and use this window of time to further enslave humanity for another round of thousands of years. They admitted that they couldn't see past 2020 with their magic and powers, due to the  rise in frequency and something to do with timelines, but they were confident that their many plans would come to fruition and lead them to victory regardless. 

I heard that Hillary would be running in the a future election, and that she would start a nuclear war with Russia. I was asked what I thought of Obama and they laughed really hard  when I said he seemed like a good guy, and that he seemed thwarted by deadlocks in congress. They assured me he had completely undermined the entire country and sabotaged its infrastructure, and that in time this would likely all come out into the open, but the damage will have been done and it won't matter. I was told he was a CIA plant. It was a well orchestrated, a detailed plan to take over America from within without firing a shot, and it had been in the works for generations.

They asked me what I thought about the Catholic church. I have never been a fan of Catholicism and in fact always felt it was repressive and that the Vatican was a bastion of sheer evil. They laughed and laughed. 
"Well she knows, but she doesn't really know what she knows" they joked.  

I was dumbfounded and in disbelief, and overwhelmed with what the implications of all this new information meant.  If everything I had been taught was not what a significant number of the ruling elite believed, what were the implications? How was I to continue living as I had, in a safe little bubble? While I didn't believe them fully,  I could see that they believed all that they had told me.  At that time, I still didn't realize the extent of their network of cult members or the wealth and power of the global elite. I didn't realize how many people in government in every country in the world were 'on their team' or being blackmailed or bribed to do their bidding. I didn't realize the extent and the power of brainwashing on the masses conducted by the main stream media. 

And since I couldn't make a lot of sense of all of it and was still missing a lot of background information, so I pushed it all out of my mind and almost forgot about it. That is, until a few years later, after I had returned to Canada and  had the time and the urge to start researching all these topics. And then the real confirmation came for me when everything I had been told started happening in real life. When I saw the image of the coronavirus I remember that I gasped out loud. It was exactly the same, with the same name even, as I had been told in 2010.

I researched more and more. One rabbit hole led to another. I  discovered that what I had thought were the overzealous ravings of overly religious people talking about 'the end times' and 'the threat of Satanism' matched exactly what  I had been told by the illuminati family members and blood cult members.  

I watched all of Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode as it was released. That connected a lot of dots for me. I researched ETs and secret space programs, remembering comments dropped by my father, who had been a high ranking pilot in the Canadian military in his youth, who called the moon 'a winnebago' filled with 'evit ETs'. I recalled that a former boyfriend during my university years, an engineering physicist who had specialized in nano technology had gotten work for a Canadian high tech University spin off company, had done work for DARPA. Once I saw a piece of metal he had been sent and told to figure out and reverse engineer, and it was a piece from an alien craft, I was sure.  It had room for three very long fingers to fit inside. It was like a stick shift. But he didn't talk about it, because he had signed a non-disclosure agreement. He had started researching Tesla and talking about torsion fields and how everything he had been taught in university had been a lie.  After his trip to Area 51 he came back shaken to the core and a changed man.

I put my memories from personally visiting ancient sites around the world that all had advanced architecture together with research into secret space programs, and my newfound understanding of earth's true galactic history. 

Then I started having ET craft sightings and ET sightings.  Many synchronicities started happening. I started researching spirituality and esoteric topics.  I started connecting memories and processing the many 'supernatural' events I had experienced my entire life, with Angelic and Demonic beings from a fresh perspective. 

 It took about 8 years of constant research and going deeply down different rabbit holes, watching hours of videos online, reading books, and consulting with spiritual gurus, psychics and channellers, until I felt confident that I finally saw the big picture and was fully awake. 

Then I went to China. I had thought they were opening up to Western ways. I needed a job and the teaching contract seemed good. I didn't see communism as a threat. I remembered people  talking about the 'threat of communism' while I was growing up, and I had though it was an over exaggeration until my second year of living under Chinese communist rule and seeing it get steadily more repressive.  I saw disturbing things happening all around me. Once I saw, at the old hospital near the new international school I was working at in Shenzhen, people being force marched out of the old decrepit buildings by military officers, people who could barely walk.  Five caskets were brought out after them. It had been turned into an interrogation and torture depot. And next door, the new hospital, was opened and lit and busy, but no members of the public ever came and went from the main doors, only long limo type cars and vehicles with shaded windows and a lot of  hearses. Taxis and black vehicles with dark shaded windows were often being packed with insulated portable medical coolers. I came to realize that it was an organ harvesting hospital. (Incidentally, during the pandemic it was designated as a Covid quarantine centre; how convenient. I saw the docu series by Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts on Communism and I realized I had to leave the country. ) I read the translated version of the Chinese communist party doctrines and saw how they lined up with the New World Order.

I left China. So much information was being published online in 2019 and 2020 to help wake people up. There were so many new rabbit holes to investigate. Researching late into the night became an obsession almost. I read everything I could even though it turned my stomach, such as the Great Reset books by Klas Scwab and and the Lockstep documents promoted by Rockefellers and the UN. 

I began to recognize the full extent of the  multitude of disclosure that had been published in the form of supposedly fictional movies and books, provided the notification to the sleeping masses and watching or reading it counts in their eyes as acquiescence to move forward on their generations long plans for world domination. 

I had never wanted to be a new age spiritual person, or read tarot cards or profit from my 'extra sensory' gifts, but it seemed like this was the path I had to take, and was destined to take.  I didn't want negative blowback on my son or to endanger him from the cult I had experiences with,  but I can no longer hide what I am, or the urge to help people move fully into 5D.  I believe is my mission on this planet is to help bring back into balance the negative and the light forces on this planet. So that's why I started this business.

Let me leave you with this final thought. Despite the fact that many of the Cabal's and negative ET's plans have been started and some have already had devastating effects on humankind (e.g. the jab and all the adverse reactions  to it, and suppression of what it really is, and what  the intentions are, and how damaging it is), I believe we have much to hope for. Things have not gone according to the plans I heard in 2010. Hillary didn't win the election in 2016. We are not at war with Russia. Many more starseeds are waking up and there is far more support in the higher realms and from benevolent ETs than the dark side could see or that they predicted. 

I believe that those of 100% light energy and soul power will win this epic battle of good versus evil.

Much has been happening behind the scenes on earth and underground, and in the higher realms and with assistance of benevolent ETs related to helping us transition through these times.

I believe that ascension is inevitable for the planet and that if you are reading this, you are on the positive 5D timeline predicted as the best outcome for this period of time.
Welcome! I hope you feel you have found help along your journey to 5D.

- Marianne
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Has the pandemic made you realize that the world is not what you thought it was? That the world doesn't operate as you thought it did (or is supposed to)?

Are you questioning what is and has been going on with our governments and the rushed rollout of the jabs?

​Are you finding that your political views don't align anymore with the people around you?

Do you find you have come to some conclusions and  realizations that just don't match the main stream narrative, or what your family, friends and colleagues think is true?

Are you tired of people calling you a conspiracy theorist? Of not  being listening to the things you have discovered, facts you can prove or a point of view that is not the same as their own?

Finding it hard to find common ground with family, old friends, and colleagues at work? 

Are you finding you are interested in spiritual topics not related to a specific religion, or esoteric or psychic topics? Want to talk about it?

Have you had a supernatural Angelic or ET encounter that you want to talk to someone about?

You're not alone.

You're not crazy.

You're just waking up.  And it's a painful and lonely process.

 I get it.

I've been there.

In my daily life, no one I knew was 'awake' or interested in the same topics I was, and would call me a conspiracy theorist. I looked online, and found some people  who were publishing content that resonated with me, but some were not providing 1:1 sessions anymore, and others offered private sessions, but they did all the talking and advising, and weren't interested in listening to me or in providing a sounding board for me. Some were gifted psychics and channellers, but talked the whole time, and they forgot who I was or what they had said when I booked a second session with them. Although many of these sessions with channellers and psychics confirmed certain points and that was reassuring, overall I found it very discouraging because I was never given a chance to talk. I didn't find these sessions a very supportive in terms of helping me process the information and helping me move forward in my everyday life, practically speaking. And sometimes the psychics were not all they were cracked up to be. At least, not for me. 

I started this site in July 2021 to assist those who have recently 'awakened', and are on the ascension path to 5D. "Awakened"  is my word for those who have started questioning the mainstream news and everything they have been told and taught in their lives. It's my word for people who are now becoming aware that there is so much more to life than working 9 to 5 and that consciousness is a real thing, and not at all what they were raised to believe.

and taught. 
I am offering support to people were are newly awakened, to help  'bridge into 5D', as I like to say.

I am offering what I wished I had had when I first started 'waking up to the truth'. 
When I first realized the world was simply not what I had been taught and raised to believe,  I felt completely alone. No one I knew had done the same research, or were questioning what the news was telling us. 
I found some people online who hosted channels or had websites who were 'awake' and had published information that helped wake me up, but they often didn't offer 1:1 sessions or if they were psychic, during the sessions I booked with them, they talked the entire time.

Although it was helpful to hear what my spiritual guides and their spiritual guides were telling them, I wished to have a chance to talk and be heard. And remembered. I remember booking a second session with one psychic and she had no clue who I was the second time, despite what I thought had been an amazing soul connection made during the first session.

So tell me your awakening story. Ask me questions. Talk through your problems and issues related to being awake in a sleeping world. I will listen with my heart. 

I know that there are millions of awake people who believe the same, but we are all scattered all over the world.  It's time to find our tribe and move together into our positive ascension timeline.
You are welcome here. 
Together we can overcome.

If you need to talk about your personal awakening journey, I would be happy to listen and help you recover from the shock and feel validated, and help you explore how to move forward from where you are now.

Onward and upwards! 

Time to bridge into the '5D world'

In my daily life, no one I knew was 'awake' or interested in the same topics I was, and would call me a conspiracy theorist. I looked online, and found some people  who were publishing content that resonated with me, but some were not providing 1:1 sessions anymore, and others offered private sessions, but they did all the talking and advising, and weren't interested in listening to me or in providing a sounding board for me. Some were gifted psychics and channellers, but talked the whole time, and they forgot who I was or what they had said when I booked a second session with them. Although many of these sessions with channellers and pscybhics onfirmation of certain points and that was reassuring, overall I found it very discouraging and not very supportive in terms of helping me process the information and helping me move forward in my everyday life, practically speaking.

I started this site in July 2021 to assist those who have recently 'awakened', and are on the ascension path to 5D. "Awakened"  is my word for those who have started questioning the mainstream news and media, and realized that the world does not operate as we have been told and taught. 
In my daily life, no one I knew was 'awake' or interested in the same topics I was, and would call me a conspiracy theorist. I looked online, and found some people  who were publishing content that resonated with me, but some were not providing 1:1 sessions anymore, and others offered private sessions, but they did all the talking and advising, and weren't interested in listening to me or in providing a sounding board for me. Some were gifted psychics and channellers, but talked the whole time, and they forgot who I was or what they had said when I booked a second session with them. Although many of these sessions with channellers and pscybhics onfirmation of certain points and that was reassuring, overall I found it very discouraging and not very supportive in terms of helping me process the information and helping me move forward in my everyday life, practically speaking.

I started this site in July 2021 to assist those who have recently 'awakened', and are on the ascension path to 5D. "Awakened"  is my word for those who have started questioning the mainstream news and media, and realized that the world does not operate as we have been told and taught.