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About Marianne

Marianne holds an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Studies from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

In May 2009 she chose to follow her dreams and quit her  job at Director of the Idylwylde Public Library in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to in May 2009, to live a life of travel and adventure.

She will be in South America for almost all of 2009.

When not gallivanting around the globe, Marianne calls Edmonton, Canada her home.

As of November, 2009, Marianne has been living in Arica, Chile.

Marianne’s philosophy:

I firmly believe in responsible travel and tourism practices. I actively support natural conservation efforts through ‘voluntravel’, seeking out environmentally responsible eco-tours, and by investigating conservation issues and efforts in the places I visit, making sure to snap pictures and write about it all.

This is my way of ‘giving back’ . I like to think I am helping, albeit in a small way, to help make the world a better place by learning what is really happening on the ground (and in the sea and air) in different places in the world, and then sharing what I have learned and experienced through freelance photography and writing.

I also love writing about food and beverage topics, as well as exploring extreme climates and experiencing all the different types of natural environments this big blue globe of ours has to offer.

My professional skill ‘toolkits’, acquired through years of study and work, have proven indispensable to this writing and photography career path.  Check out the list of  examples in Writing Services and Photography Services to see what I am capable of doing.

Here is a summary of my educational and professional background to give you an idea of  who I am and a better sense of my skills and abilities:

Education and Training

  • MLIS – Master’s Degree in Library and Information Studies (University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada)
  • BA – Bachelor of Art Degree in English Literature and Sociology (University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada)
  • Supervisor Management Training (Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada)
  • CELTA – Certified English Language Teacher Accreditation (brokered through the University of Cambridge, UK; obtained in Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Travel Writing and Photography Workshop (offered by AWAI – American Writer’s and Artists’ Inc. in Cotocachi, Ecuador in 2009)

Researching and Writing:

Editorial writer for since Feb. 2006.

I have also done professional writing without having the word ‘writer’ in my professional job title.

As a librarian  trained in the art of finding factual information in the print and electronic universe, I have had many opportunities to create well researched and polished writing including e-newsletters, articles, website postings, research reports, essays, committee reports, conference brochures, conference presentations and handouts, field research reports, book lists and annotated lists of information resources, meeting presentations and minutes, annual reports, and tutorials (print manuals and instructional videos using Camtasia and Viewlet Builder). Check out  the  full list of examples of in Writing Services.

Managing People and Projects: I have worked as the Director of a Public Library, Manager of a Computer Systems Department for a large library consortium, Board Chair, and as a Manager, Supervisor, and Trainer in the food services industry.

Teaching and Coaching: I have two years of experience teaching  English as a Foreign and Second Language , and over five years of computer and internet related instruction, troubleshooting, and coaching experience.

Special Event Coordinator: I have assisted with planning conferences, executive and board meetings, special events, book talks, catered events, keynote speaker sessions, fundraisers, workshops and training presentations.

Board Experience: I have experience working in the capacity of executive assistant, volunteer board member, event volunteer, workteam member, and chairperson with many different types of volunteer and professional boards, including:

  • academic councils
  • conference planning committees
  • executive committees
  • library boards
  • library consortiums
  • professional library associations
  • professional theatre group

If my background is a good fit for the writing or photography project you have in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

info[at]; Skype ID: mariannable.

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