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Which ‘Beach Escape’ Photo Do You Like Best?

If you look on the right you’ll see photos of beaches in South America.

What do you think? Which photo  do you think I should submit for the ‘beach escapes’ photo contest I want to enter?

If you click on a photo, you should be able to see a bigger version of it.

Let me know before midnight on Monday, Jan. 15, 2010, and hey while you’re at it, tell me which photo you like the best overall too.

Just click on  ’leave a comment’ at the bottom of this post to let me know your vote and opinions.



8 comments to Which ‘Beach Escape’ Photo Do You Like Best?

  • vm

    Punta Blanca & Punta Prieta are my favourites. I like the use of perspective in the photos. I can imagine myself in each photo…walking towards the cliff or down the stairs.

  • Deb

    hi, I like the Ecuador_Punta_Blanca-1010 and the sunset one. I think photo contests expect the sunset ones, but I agree with vm that the perspective is nice with the stairs one. Good luck!

  • Helene

    They’re all cool, but I really like the first one of the “parasols” (beach umbrellas).

  • Helene

    Oops, now the second one: the one where three people are about to get hit by a giant wave! :-)

  • Thanks for the comments… got a couple by email too, adding
    2 votes for the sunset as #1
    and one vote for Ecuador, Punta Blanca Hotel as #1

    These folks put the stairs photo in second place.

  • Karonne

    All of the pix are great but I love beaches most that make me want to go in the water; for that I like Chile_Arica_Playa_Corazones-0990 best. 2nd favorite, has less to do with beach and more to do with visual and it is the one going down the stairs.

  • Lindsay

    Posted on behalf of my friend Lindsay:

    On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 4:07 PM, Lindsay wrote:
    My work computer wouldn’t let me post but I really like the umbrella photo just because it makes me feel like gosh its so hot I will need a brightly colored umbrella.

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