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Blauhaus, Playa Ancha, Valparaíso, Chile

So I came back to Valparaíso, Chile, arriving on July 2, 2012. Found a great place right away, by fluke, through the suggestion of an empanada shopowner in Cerro Alegre. I`m living in a rather upscale house, recently renovated, full of light and cozy corners. This blog post offers a virtual tour of [...]

La Compaña, a gorgeous forest mountain reserve outside Omue, Chile,

Story and photos from a tour I took to the natural biosphere, La Campaña, in Omue, a villlage outside of Valparaíso, [...]

Charquican – potato and pumpkin and veggies done Chilean style

Chilean ''Charquican''

This dish is comfort food at it`s best. It`s tasty, fast, easy, and can be made from things you usually have on hand, and is an economical and satisfying dish that`s perfect for cold winter nights.

My former housemate, Maria Eugenia Riquelme, showed me this during the time we lived [...]