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Five Star Whipping at La Mirage Spa, Cotacachi, Ecuador

You may be shocked to the core when the white cloaked Shamani asks you to remove your robe, and stand buck naked in front of a crackling fire.  But be warned: that’s just the beginning of the emotional  roller coaster you can expect to feel if you opt for the Purification Treatment at La Mirage Spa in Cotocachi, Ecuador.

The brochure mentions how fire, water, earth and magical substances like crystals, candles, smoke and eggs will be used to call on spirits for assistance in the purification ritual, but not how it will be done.

Expect to go through a myriad of physical sensations as unlit candles are smoothed and rolled over your skin, alcohol is spit in your general direction instantly cooling your skin, and dry warm smoke is blown up and down your front and backsides. When an egg is rubbed over your extremities you can’t help but tense up, wondering if it will break. And your entire body will heat up like a furnace as blood rushes to the surface while you are lightly whacked and whipped with a clutch of rather scratchy leaves.

You can also look forward to soothing sensations, including a luxurious soak in a rose petal infused whirlpool path, being towelled dry by the Shamani, and the expert touch of a professional masseuse.

If you like thrill seeking and want a massage you won’t soon forget, keep this unusual and highly engaging truly sensational massage treatment in mind.

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