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Breads of Chile

Breads of Chile

Breads of Chile

Who would have guessed that Chileans are bread-o-holics? They absolutely love bread here. They eat sandwiches almost every day, and always start the day with tea and pan (bread), usually just dry without anything, or perhaps with a slice of ham deli meat. Often there is no butter or margarine in sight.  Occasionally you’ll see jam, but that seems to be only for foreigners .

There are 5 main types of bread here, and four of them  are unique to Chile.

  1. Coliza – a rectangular or diamond shaped bun with a flat top that looks like it’s made of layers and layers or bread dough folded together. It comes apart easily , like Pillsbury layer biscuits.
  2. Halluya – these round, flat topped buns with fork prick designs on top are used for hamburgers and most sandwiches, but they are very different than the hamburger buns of North America. They aren’t filled with soft bread inside. They are thinner and somehow more elastic so they don’t fall apart,  and there isn’t a tough crust on top. Perfect for fully loaded sandwiches that need bread to keep them together, but not take over as the predominant taste. Here sandwiches are more about the fillings than the bread.
  3. Marraqueta – the closest thing to French bread that you can find here. Sometimes it’s even called ‘panes frances’, but it is not as long or crusty as the French bread that we’re used to in Canada.This is a crusty roll the size of a big submarine bun, shaped with four pull-apart sections making it easy to get at all the soft white bread inside. It’s made simply of flour, water, salt and leavening, and is the most popular bread by far in Chile. You see it sold in Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina too.
  4. Pan Amasado – hand kneaded dense lardy buns. They’re actually quite good when heated up and served with jam, but can sit like a greasy rock in your stomache afterward.
  5. Pan de Molde – not mouldy bread like it sounds, but bread made in a mould to shape it into perfect loaves. This is typical bread, like wonder bread or any brand of sliced white or whole wheat bread. This is very rare here. You can only find it in the big international supermarkets (there’s one called Hiper Lider which is like a mini  Superstore)

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