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A great way to use those over-ripe tomatoes

Chileans have a very practical solution for getting rid of callouses and dry skin, especially on your feet. Maybe other people and cultures know this handy trick too, but this is the first place I’ve seen it done. I’ve tried it myself a few times so I know it works.

You just take tomatoes -over-ripe juicy ones are best- and squish them on your feet on the cracked, dry skin parts. Don’t wipe the tomato off. Wrap each foot in a plastic bag and let things sit for about 30 minutes. When the half hour is up, or your feet start to feel itchy, it’s time to rinse. The  dry dead skin will peel off easily in swathes with just a little scrubbing, leaving baby soft skin behind. Cheap, easy and effective… my kind of home spa remedy!

Posted Tues. Jan 12, 2010

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