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Valparaíso Graffiti Day 45

Massive multi-storey mural on an office building featuring an Avatar -like tree

Massive multi-storey mural on an office building featuring an Avatar -like tree

One Side of the Massive Mural

One Side of the Massive Mural

I’ll end this series of graffiti art in Valparaiso with a bang, with a post about a gigantic mural found on a very short street near the end of Calle Blanco. You can see this mural best from the Ascensor Artilleria (you might recognize this image from previous posts). It spans the whole side of a multi-storey building, and features a huge tree in the middle. It’s actually bigger than it looks in this photo. It’s the biggest mural in Valparaiso, and a tourist attraction in itself.

7 comments to Valparaíso Graffiti Day 45

  • Marianne,
    I love all of these graffiti photos. They would make great postcards! Or maybe you could develop a graffiti walking tour of Valparaiso?

  • hey thanks! Great idea.

  • nicoline from norway

    Hey my name is nicoline and im a filmstudent from Norway. Im going to valparaiso in november :) and im going to make a short documnetary about the graffiti art in valparaiso. I love it :)
    I was wondering if you knew an artists ore the group wich organizes the festival. If you could guide me to the right contacts. I would be so happy. please email me anyway.

  • Hi Nicoline,
    I’m not sure if there is a graffiti festival or how certain murals are chosen to be painted, but I’ll try to find out and get back to you. Best of luck with your documentary. I’d be happy to meet with you when you arrive and take you on a walking tour of the best graffiti murals I know about.
    Just drop me a line through this site after you arrive.

  • nicoline from norway

    Thank you so much! Im so happy you wrote back to me. You live in Valoaraiso? I got a tip about a festival and that people come from all over the world. This might be wrong?

    Is there a name of an art school i could contakt through mail?

    Nicoline :)

  • Nicoline, my students tell me you could contact either the university in Playa Ancha in Valparaiso (it’s got more music and art type programs than the other universities in Valparaiso) or the University of Chile in Santiago.

  • nicoline from norway

    Hey Marianne. Im now in Santiago, and i love it. Its so different from Norway!
    We haven’t gotten any graffiti artist jet, so we are thinking to go to Valparaiso and look around anyway, tomorrow (monday) ore tuesday.
    Could you still be interested to show us around to the best graffiti pieces?
    You would make us so happy.
    It will be me, and my partner Audun and maybe our producer Hanne.
    Let me know :)
    Ciao Nicoline

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