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Not alone in cyberspace

It`s so interesting to see who winds up finding this site and contacting me. It seems that I have readers from all over the world!

A church group in The USA contacted me to ask if they could use a picture I took of the breads of Chile for a bookmark they made for special prayer service they were doing, in memory of the victims of the earthquake.

A group of film students from Norway contacted me about the series of graffiti posts I did, and my photo feature was enough to inspire them to do a short documentary film on the subject. When they arrived in Chile asking me to take them on a tour, and during the tour I got talking with someone in the process of creating a wall illustration, and that lead to another contact, and within a few days they had tracked down,met and got an agreement to follow one of the most famous street painters around for a few days, documenting the lifestyle and the creation of a big wall mural from start to finish. Site hits were highest to date during the 45 days of graffiti posts, when I posted a new illustration on a daily basis.

And my ESL posts are starting to attract the attention of people in Asia, attracting subscribers from as far away as Malaysia. Last week I got a nice endorsement of the quality of content on my site ( from someone with the campus of the Oxford International College, located in Qingdao,Shandong Province, China, The individual post on this site that has received the most comments of thanks and a steady stream of visitors is my post summarizing what I think are the best Bingo Card Generator sites/ programs for teachers.

If the increasing amount of spam that gets caught in my spam filters is any indication, my web ranking must be increasing. I´ve even had a couple of offers to buy this site for $3500 USD, to add it to a blog farm (I said no, of course, suspected a big scam)!

I look forward to seeing who contacts me next and why.

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