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”Fool” – ish Food, Saudi Style

Breakfast Saudi Style

Foul Edemas Dip, Omelette, Fried Liver and Pita Bread Breakfast

Foul Edemas Dip, Omelette, Fried Liver and Pita Bread Breakfast

They eat omelette with a tasty hot sauce, scooping it up with pieces this soft bread. Another tin foil wrapped dish contained sliced fried liver.

When I ordered a typical Saudi breakfast to be delivered to my hotel, I didn`t expect what I got. A cardboard box filled with tin foil wrapped dishes arrived, topped with bread like elephant ears, folded into quarters (loose in the box).

Take-Out Breakfast in a Box

Take-Out Breakfast in a Box

My favorite was a brown dip called Foul Edamasa (pronounced ‘Fool’ ‘Ee dam ahs’), a fava bean puree that`s spiced with something a bit zingy chili hot. In fact, I loved it so much I looked up recipes online and made it myself later in the week.

It`s very easy to whip up- the easiest and fastest recipe being this: take a can of fava beans and a can of chick peas and cook it together with a bit of onion, adding a generous amount of lemon juice ( 2 TBSP) and olive oil (1/4 cup) and spices to taste: hot minced chilis, and/or chili powder and cayenne, and/or dashes of tumeric, curry, cinnamon, cloves and salt.

After cooking it a bit, puree it. Serve hot, with pita bread. This makes a nice, nutritious alternative to hummos.

Last but not least, I noticed some interesting descriptions of food listed on a menu of a local take-away restaurant, so I investigated.

It turned out that Pizza Problem of All Sorts was a lightly loaded pizza with a few slices of salami type meat, green peppers, canned mushrooms and a few tomatoes with cheese and pizza sauce on a chewy home made pita bread round.

And Problem Plate was a mixed grill platters, with a mountain of fries on top of 3 skewers of meat. One skewer had juicy chunks of chicken grilled in a lemon juice marinade I think. The other skewers were consisted of spicy finely minced meat, beef or lamb I think, with something zingy hot like chilis and green herbs of perhaps parsley mixed into it. It was like a sausage without the sausage casing. I believe they call this kind of skewer kofte. It was tasty.

Obviously `Problem’ was an attempt to translate the idea of ‘mixed’ since the Problem Pizza of All Sorts was a lightly loaded pizza with salami like slices, green pepper bits, canned mushrooms and some chopped tomato.

Problem Plate

Problem Plate

I also ordered a drink called Juice Layers. This is what arrived:

Juice Layers (Milkshake)

Juice Layers (Milkshake)

The bottom layer was mango nectar, the middle layer raspberry or strawberry, and the top layer is still a mystery to me. Perhaps something from the lychee nut family? I have no idea what would whip up to make such a white, thick, opaque and sweet juice.
It was like a liquid desert. A nice way to end off the meal.

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