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Welcome, if it`s your first time here, and welcome back if it`s a return visit!

On this site you will find things  for ESL Teachers and armchair travellers.
-stories illustrated with a lot of photos
- English language teaching activities
-ebook news
- links to other useful sites for teaching English

TIP: See my other website, for more English language teaching materials, ebooks, Photo Packs and Teaching Tipsheets.

What you`ll find here on

-ESL (English Language) teaching activity ideas

- links to ebooks including ”Teaching English in Saudi Arabia: Strategies and Class Activities” (March 2013)

-Photo Stories for a glimpse into my adventures in  Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Canada, Chile, and Saudi Arabi.

-Food & Recipe Notes, for descriptions and recipes for tasty, easy dishes I`ve discovered as I`ve travelled around 3continents.



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