Best Verb Tense Timeline Charts

One of the fastest ways to make quick progress towards near native fluency, in English is to master the use of the 12 verb tenses in English. There are other crucial grammar elements to learn as well (e.g. there is/ there are; the conditional ‘if’; count and non-count nouns, word order; the parts of speech), … Read more

Great Free Website For Generating Crossword Puzzles (Tutorial)

Sometimes making your own worksheet is the perfect solution when you have a student who needs extra drill practise to master a grammar concept. Usually making your own worksheet is a quicker solution than trying to find a suitable exercise in a workbook, or online in Teachers Pay Teachers or Pinterest. It’s also a handy … Read more

Spaced Repetition: Incredibly Effective Way to Help Students Learn and Retain English More Easily

Learn smarter, not longer – this is a technique I have been teaching my students for years, and Spaced Repetition is the main component of my teachings. Spending long hours mindlessly repeating vocabulary or writing it out is not nearly as effective as Space Repeition. If you have ever used the Pimsleur Language Learning method, … Read more

Top 6 Tips for ESL Tutors for Teaching Pronunciation

Most tutors find that when students say they need and want conversation classes, what they really need is help pronouncing the sounds in English like a native speaker, and how to speak with natural sounding intonation and word stress. Usually the students already know a lot of vocabulary. However, they struggle to be understood, and … Read more

What ESL Tutors Need  to Know About Dictionaries For English Language Learners

This article describes what to look for in a good dictionary for English language learners, and my top picks for free onine dictionary and pronunciation resources. A good dictionary can become an essential learning tool, a personalized course book that is useful for years, and so can be very worthwhile to purchase early on in … Read more