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Saudi Drinks

Saudi Beer Look-alikes

”Is that BEER?” I caught myself thinking, as I walked into the little store across the street. ”How can that be, here in Saudi Arabia?!” And in fact, it isn`t beer, it`s just carbonated fruit juice.

The pomegranate and green apple are my favorite so far. Not too [...]

A Modern Marvel: Princess Nora University

Story about going to Arabic classes on the Princess Nora University. [...]

Black Friday Sand Storm Spectacñle, Friday, April 13 th, 2012 Outside Riyadh

Black Friday, Friday the 13th, April, 2012 Outside Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Wall of Sand About To Descend On A House

Sand Storm Rolling In

Moving At A Fast Clip

It Turned Dark Very Quickly

A Menacing Sky

These are some photos of a sand storm that swept [...]