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Camel Souq outside Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Camels are so much fun to watch! You can pick out their individual personalities quickly. These are some pictures from a visit to a Camel Souq 30 km outside of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

There were miles of pens on either side of the highway, many filled with groups of placid camels, watching the [...]

Riyadh`s Taibah Souk for Cinderella Gowns and Jewelry Galore

A souk is a marketplace. Some souks are completely outdoors, like street fairs or farmer`s markets, with clothing and flea market style second- hand things. This souk, the Taibah Souk, is the opposite extreme. It`s a fascinating labyrinth of angled pedestrian streets (blocked off to all car traffic) that takes up a square [...]

Saudi Drinks

Saudi Beer Look-alikes

”Is that BEER?” I caught myself thinking, as I walked into the little store across the street. ”How can that be, here in Saudi Arabia?!” And in fact, it isn`t beer, it`s just carbonated fruit juice.

The pomegranate and green apple are my favorite so far. Not too [...]