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Free Online Flashcard Generator Programs for ESL Teachers

I found a couple of free online flashcard generator sites that I used while teaching in the Middle East (and still use regularly) that I want to share with you: Quizlet and Course Hero.

While teaching in Saudi Arabia, I wound up making a lot of my own materials to augment the boring [...]

BINGO Card Generator Sites for ESL lessons

Reviews of Bingo card generator sites and ideas for using the game of Bingo in the ESL classroom. [...]

Dave’s ESL Cafe – Still the Best Starting Point

When I first started teaching English, Dave’s ESL cafe was my lifeline for jobs and news of the ESL world. That was in 1999. I’m so pleased that this website is still up and running and obviously thriving, still considered the top ESL job board in the world. It’s still the best [...]