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Saudi Drinks

Saudi Beer Look-alikes

”Is that BEER?” I caught myself thinking, as I walked into the little store across the street. ”How can that be, here in Saudi Arabia?!” And in fact, it isn`t beer, it`s just carbonated fruit juice.

The pomegranate and green apple are my favorite so far. Not too [...]

”Fool” – ish Food, Saudi Style

Breakfast Saudi Style

Foul Edemas Dip, Omelette, Fried Liver and Pita Bread Breakfast

They eat omelette with a tasty hot sauce, scooping it up with pieces this soft bread. Another tin foil wrapped dish contained sliced fried liver.

When I ordered a typical Saudi breakfast to be delivered to my hotel, I [...]

Saudi Arabian Chicken Dinner

Chicken and Rice Dinner with Rocket and Pita-type Bread and Hot Sauces

The food in Riyadh that I have discovered so far has been rustic and a bit of a surprise. There are more hot spicy sauces than I expected served on the side, like ketchup. Chicken forms the most common basis [...]