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Hail and Rain, In the middle of the desert (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)!

hail storm


hail storm flooded streets


Hail! In the desert!

And I thought the sand storm was dramatic weather… it was nothing compared to the chilly shock of a hailstorm today. It lasted 5 minutes and flooded the streets instantly.

At first all I heard was banging like [...]

Sandstorm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Sand Storm In March In Riyadh, Saudi Arabi

Here is an excerpt from a recent email update I sent out, describing a sandstorm. They are apparently quite common in summer, which will start officially in 2 or 3 more weeks (in April). Right now I`m sitting in a big cushy beige chair [...]

Mummies, mummies, everywhere

If you keep a sharp eye while driving or trekking around here, especially around new construction areas, you might just find some Chinchorro Mummies. Some friends of my did just that the other day when on a day trip driving around Camarones.

They stopped the car when they spotted what looked like partially [...]