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Janadriyah Cultural Festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I arrived in Saudi Arabia 3 weeks ago. So much has happened that it feels like boarding that plane early one dark cold February morning to start the 40 or so odd hour flight was months ago, not less than a month ago.

I`ve written a couple of email letters about Cairo and [...]

La Compaña, a gorgeous forest mountain reserve outside Omue, Chile,

Story and photos from a tour I took to the natural biosphere, La Campaña, in Omue, a villlage outside of Valparaíso, [...]

New Years in Valparaiso, Chile

New Year’s Eve 2010 fireworks in the harbour of Valparaiso Chile

I still can’t believe my good luck. I was invited to join a group of friends to go see the famous fireworks display everyone had been talking about for months, but didn’t expect the invitation would include entrance tickets to the [...]