Tips for Teaching English to Adults (True Beginners)

Photo from Getty Images There are two types of ‘beginners’ in terms of students; false beginners and true beginners. Most students are what are dubbed ‘false beginners’ in the ESL world, which means they have learned some English at some point, perhaps in basic courses at school, but they are not good at English. Most … Read more

Graded Readers: What Are They and What ESL Tutors Need To Know About Them

Snapshot of the covers of some Pearson Graded Readers What Are Graded Readers? Graded Readers are a genre of fiction that few ESL teachers seem to know about, but should. They are fiction stories – English classics and contemporary, popular stories- that have been simplified for English learners of all ages and levels of learning. … Read more


This blog was created and published in August 2023 to help people learn English using stories, and to help people new to tutoring learn how to teach English well. It includes resources for English language learners and tutors alike. It’s based on my 15+ years of teaching English in seven countries on four continents (Thailand, … Read more