Correlation Chart for Determining the Level of a Fiction Book for ESL Learners

There are many ways to assess the reading level of a book, and each publisher uses their own scales of measure and adapts the original text differently, which is why you will see different Lexile and CEFR benchmarks ( Common European Framework for the Reference of Languages) for the same title.

However, although it is not precise, a level is a good general indicator of the possibility suitability of a book for a student.

Framework for the Reference
for Languages)
LexileHeadword ( Pearson Publisher’s Chart)
Total BeginnerA10-180Lup to 100
High BeginnerA2180L-600Lup to 300
Low IntermediateA2/B1700L -800Lup to 1200
Intermediate ( mid intermediate)B1-850L -1000Lup to 1700
High IntermediateB1+1000L to 1250Lup to 2300
AdvancedC11250L to 1400Lup to 3000
High Advanced (native speaking level – university level) C21400L-1595L3000+
Correlation Chart for determining the level of a book

Click here to see a chart showing lexile by grade level for native English speakers.

Generally, students who have been attending a bilingual school will have an English language level that is two years behind a native English speaking student.