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Eco Truly

Story about vegetarian lunch at the Hari Krishna Community in the Lluta valley near Arica, Chile. The community is called Eco Truly. This post also includes mention of the seed farms in the Azapa Valley, clearly visible as you drive over the mountain between the Lluta Valley and Azapa Valley. [...]

Merquén Spice from the South of Chile

Chilean Style Stew featuring Merquen Spice

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Just when you think you’ve tasted all the new things you can in a place, someone comes up with a dish that surprises you. My friend, ‘Guest Chef’ Juan Echervarria treated me to a delicious chicken stew dish [...]

“Arica, Chile” Published in Travel Post Monthly

Published work by Marianne Graff includes “Arica, Chile: Great and Economical Beach Getaway” in Travel Post Monthly, Feb 2010 [...]