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Canadian Breakfast

pancakes topped with yogurt and maple syrup, with breakfast sausages and fresh fruit

There’s nothing like sitting down to a a good old fashioned, big Canadian breakfast on Sunday morning. What exactly is a Canadian breakfast? Well there isn’t a set menu, but a common combination is pancakes with maple syrup, breakfast [...]

Food and Drink Notes: Article published in Olive Oil Times

I had an article published on Aug 15 in Olive Oil, a recipe and article about Chef Laurent Pasqualetto’s Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad, chef at the Explora Lodge in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. [...]

Tacna, Peru: Health Vacation and Las Vegas South, All Rolled Into One

Tale of my weekend getaway in Tacna, Peru, just across the border from Arica, Chile. This place is a health vacation destination and Las Vegas south, all in one place. Optical and dental services are really inexpensive, and so are other things you can buy since it’s a duty free place and popular stop for Chileans on a shopping holiday. [...]