Teaching Testimonials

I have taught thousands of students of the last 10+ years, online and in-person. Below I have included some of the feedback and recognition I have received about my teaching.

One of my students wrote a Letter to the Editor after taking my Tourism English course in the CORFO program in Chile, commending the program and giving high praise for my teaching.

Letter to the Editor published in El Mercurio newspaper, in Valparaiso, Chile, published on March 7 ,2011

“All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better English teacher. Her expertise, experience, dedication, commitment and enthusiasm for teaching made learning fun, enjoyable and effective. I am fortunate to have had this opportunity to learn from her, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced and passionate English teacher. Thank you, Marianne.” – Higor Peixoto, Brazilian living in Canada

“Marianne is amazing and kind, intelligent….not enough to express her with all nice adjectives I know. And one of my favorite parts in every lesson, she writes down most of sentences I said and make them correct, so I can easily review what I learned after lesson. Her expertise in teaching has put my mind at ease. I am really grateful to have her as my teacher.” -Joy (Korean living in Canada)

“Marianne is a very inspiring ,experienced and professional teacher who knows exactly what her students need. I consider myself verty lucky to have her as my tutor.” – Juman, Egypt

“Marianne teaches English very well and she is very nice and pays attention to how to help you to improve your English.” Mark, Mexico

“I had a great experience with Marianne. She was very friendly, patient, and encouraging. She always gave me useful feedback and corrected my mistakes. She helped me prepare for my IELTS exam and she is an expert in it. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn English with a fun and qualified teacher.”– Razib Jahan Ferdous, Bangladesh

“Marianne is the best teacher I have ever met. She guides you on how to progress. She is warm,kind and patient.” Thank you Marianne! 🙂 Emreunnal, Turkey

“Marianne is a knowledgeable and friendly tutor. I’ve been learning with her for over 3 months, she is a highly recommended tutor! You will learn a lot from her happily.” – Laura, China (Doctoral student living in Canada)

“Very professional teacher!” – May, China

“Talking with her is fun. I recommend to do free talking with her! She teaches grammar really well, and she is kind. I think she is nice tutor” – Juwon, Korea😁

“Muito paciente didática, organizada ela tem um ótimo método pe ensino. Com ela consegui entender como pronunciar palavras que eu acha impossível. Sempre me dando o feedbacks por escrito também oque me auxilia muito.”– Helena, Brazil

“A Teacher Marianne tem um método de ensino excelente. Gosto da forma que ela corrige minha pronúncia e gramática. As aulas são leves e divertidas.” – Ingrid, Brazil

“The session was stress-free, helpful and fun. A great tutor with great knowledge. Thank you so much Tutor Marianne.”- Yasin, UK

“Teacher Marianne is a great experienced and to-the-point teacher, she is warm and makes you gain your confidence back to speak more comfortably after few lessons. But you need to revise her notes she gives you during the lesson. Also, she is expert in TOEFL standards, if anyone is looking for a tutor in this test. – Osamah Hussein, USA

“Such a good teacher. Thank you!” Salma, Saudi Arabia


“She is very good at guiding children to learn, and the communication is very happy!” – Alina 靓靓, Mainland China