This blog was created and published in August 2023 to help people learn English using stories, and to help people new to tutoring learn how to teach English well.

It includes resources for English language learners and tutors alike.

It’s based on my 15+ years of teaching English in seven countries on four continents (Thailand, Canada, Ecuador, Chile, Saudi Arabia, China, and Mexico).

My Master’s Degree in Librarianship and love of children’s and young adult fiction combined with my CELTA teaching designation led me naturally along the path to using fiction books to teaching English.

This approach fills in the gaps for students, leading them to true fluency in English more quickly than doing endless grammar worksheets and reading news articles. I developed a system for turning books into full English courses that help students develop their reading,writing, listening and speaking skills that has proven very effective as an after school programs. It works equally well for 1:1 classes as small classes ( max 12 students).

If know of a fiction story or a teaching resource that you think I should include in this collection, please drop me a line and let me know Marianne at mariannegraff dot com.


Marianne Graff